LogoNation, Inc.

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Location: Mooresville, NC
Founded: 1998
Industry: Advertising

LogoNation, Inc.

Denny Watson
President and CEO


LogoNation, Inc. is an advertising and printing company focusing on community promotion T-shirts for small towns throughout the Southeast and Midwest. The “CommuniTee” features customized artwork representing an event or place in the town printed on the front of the shirts, with local business sponsors displayed on the back. “We want to bring communities together by promoting local business,” says Denny Watson, president and CEO of LogoNation. The idea for LogoNation came to Watson and his wife after seeing a 5K race shirt with sponsors in Wilmington, NC.

QUICK TIP: “The obstacle is the course.” Marcus Aurelius

“The biggest challenge is staying ahead of the learning curve,” says Watson. “To reach a new level of growth, you have to learn new things — whether it’s how to recruit better, organize operations better, or plan and communicate better. The only way to grow is to get better at what you are doing.” Watson’s vision is to make LogoNation a nationwide leader in community-oriented advertising. “Our three- to five-year goal is to double the number of towns where we put together a CommuniTee to 2,000 a year,” he says.