LandDesign, Inc.

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 1978
Industry: Professional services

LandDesign, Inc.

M. Rhett Crocker


LandDesign, Inc. provides project solutions related to urban design, planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture and branding. The company’s more than 130 professionals operate from offices in Charlotte, Washington, DC, Dallas, Orlando and San Francisco. LandDesign started in 1978, when three friends and colleagues committed to building a company that would always push boundaries and create places that matter. “I strongly believe it is our responsibility to foster the next generation of leadership and to leave LandDesign better than how we found it,” says president M. Rhett Crocker.

QUICK TIP: “Don’t think what’s the fastest or cheapest way to do it — think what’s the most amazing way to do it.” Richard Branson

As LandDesign has grown, its biggest challenge has been getting everyone on board with a common vision for building the firm. “For me, the firm culture is the most important, but the hardest to prescribe. It’s something that grows organically, and comes from everyone,” says Crocker. “But I believe that if we have a firm of people who understand where we are going, why we are going there, and appreciate the great work and clients we have — then everything else falls into place.” To help LandDesign get there, Crocker focuses on creating a culture that is fun, encourages thought leaders, and creates entrepreneurial opportunities.