Lakeside Project Solutions

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Location: Denver, NC
Founded: 2009
Industry: Construction

Lakeside Project Solutions

Becky Loranger
President and CEO


Lakeside Project Solutions (LPS) offers on-call general maintenance and emergency services, janitorial service, renovations and restorations. “With a background in the aviation industry as a pilot, I was frequently affected by radical changes in the economy,” says president and CEO Becky Loranger. “I started LPS with the sole intention of providing a stable income for myself.” After six months in business, Loranger was ready to start hiring and to extend to her staff the same promise she had made to herself: “a stable, rewarding career where hard work and loyalty would come with job security as well as recognition.”

QUICK TIP: “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” Thomas Edison

One of the major contributors to LPS’s growth has been an ability to identify pain points and act on them. The five pain points LPS has identified are price, on-time completion, response rate, complex projects/issues handling and communication. As a result of this approach, LPS was named Walmart’s no. 2 supplier out of over 6,000 competitors. LPS is experiencing annual growth in the triple digits and Loranger is planning to continue aggressive growth going forward, but not at any price. “We all agree that if we reach a growth dynamic that sacrifices either our customer relationships or team members, we will slow this locomotive down,” she says.