Jackrabbit Technologies, Inc.

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Location: Huntersville, NC
Founded: 2004
Industry: Technology

Jackrabbit Technologies, Inc.

Mark S. Mahoney
Co-founder and President


Jackrabbit Technologies, Inc. provides online class-management and billing software to children’s activity centers, including dance studios, swim and music schools. Co-founder and president Mark S. Mahoney has been a gymnast from a young age. In college, he developed scoring software to use at meets and started selling the product to gym owners once he realized that his product could help them spend more time teaching. “The company has understood from inception that most owners and managers are not focused on the operational end of their businesses, but are passionate about teaching their art or sport to children,” says Mahoney.

QUICK TIP: “You can get everything in life you want by helping enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

Jackrabbit’s beta version was developed with the help of the company’s first customer. A gym owner in Raleigh, NC, wanted to work with Jackrabbit to develop an online system. As a result of his input, Jackrabbit was able to design everything, from database structure to app navigation, to sync up with an owner’s workflow. “Existing and potential customers see this, and see that they can have an active voice in how the software changes and grows,” says Mahoney. Jackrabbit still finds a number of ways to engage customers in software development today, from “submit idea” buttons in the application to user conferences with face-to-face discussions.