Intelligent Buildings, LLC

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2004
Industry: Real estate

Intelligent Buildings, LLC

Rob Murchison and Tom Shircliff
Co-founders and Co-CEOs


Intelligent Buildings, LLC has consulted on over $1 billion in new development projects, including conception and development of a Clinton Global Initiative partnership, and development of national smart-building standards for both the U.S. and Canadian federal governments.

QUICK TIP: “We have excited, passionate, good people, … and that creates a very sustainable, balanced and productive environment that is great for growth.” 

Intelligent Buildings has specialized in real-estate technology strategy for 11 years, including IT, controls, analytics, cyber, organizational impact, workflow, and financial and risk analysis. At the same time, the company has made culture a major focus, and aims to hire team members who love their work, families, community and industry. Along the road to growth, Intelligent Buildings has had to learn many hard business lessons that taught it to embrace strategic and operational decision making. At times, the company has conducted a concentrated push on hiring the best talent available, even when there wasn’t a precise match of new business. Going forward, the company hopes to take a leadership position on the emergence of Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things in real estate.