InfoSense, Inc.

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2007
Industry: Manufacturing

InfoSense, Inc.

George Selembo


InfoSense, Inc. manufactures a patented acoustic inspection technology for small-diameter sewer lines. “It all started with solving a particular problem for a customer, which turned out to be a global problem,” says CEO George Selembo. The city of Charlotte had historically had problems with blockages and overflows in sewer lines, and additional cleaning didn’t seem to make a difference. In collaboration with the University of North Carolina – Charlotte (UNCC), the utility Charlotte Water launched a research project to develop an inspection tool that could check lines quickly. Once the technology was created, it was spun out from UNCC, resulting in the creation of InfoSense.   

QUICK TIP: “You can’t change the market overnight, so building a good business plan around the challenges of the market is one of the key reasons we’ve succeeded.”

After hiring a leadership team with business expertise, including Selembo, InfoSense set to work marketing its flagship product to utility managers and contractors. The team had to convince customers that the product’s convenience was worth modifying their existing maintenance programs. But “as we continue to grow our customer base, the number of success stories increases, which helps other customers decide more quickly that this is something they should be doing,” says Selembo. “There are nearly 19,000 municipal operators in the U.S. alone, and just about all of them can benefit from using our technology.”