Independent Advisor Alliance

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2007
Industry: Professional services

Independent Advisor Alliance

Robert Russo
Founder and CEO


Independent Advisor Alliance (IAA) has built a community of more than 50 independent advisors serving the financial and retirement needs of individuals and businesses. IAA’s goal is to ease the operational burdens for independent advisors so they can focus on client service and growth. “As a successful independent advisor and entrepreneur, I know firsthand that managing day-to-day business operations can be the most challenging aspect of establishing and growing an independent practice,” says IAA’s founder and CEO, Robert Russo. “You are potentially losing money each time your attention is diverted from the activities that drive new revenue and growth. This was my catalyst for founding IAA.”

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Like many fast-growing companies, IAA has had to balance the demands of serving existing clients with the time and energy required to expand its base. “To overcome this obstacle, we have cross-trained our staff so they have the ability to assist other colleagues as needed,” says Russo. “Because our team members have actual experience in multiple disciplines, each team member is more fully invested in our company, has a well-rounded skill set, and is fully capable of serving existing and future clientele.” IAA also keeps team members on track with weekly check-in meetings.