Fab Fours, Inc.

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Location: Lancaster, SC
Founded: 2004
Industry: Manufacturing

Fab Fours, Inc.

Greg Higgs


Fab Fours, Inc. is an automotive-aftermarket accessory manufacturer, specializing in replacement winch bumpers for trucks and Jeeps. The company controls its process in-house from concept through shipping. “Being an off-road enthusiast and general gear head, I was constantly disappointed with the quality and delivery experienced in purchasing aftermarket accessories,” says Greg Higgs, CEO of Fab Fours. Accessories were often delivered late, with parts missing or with unclear instructions, given that many of the business owners were amateur enthusiasts. “I wanted to take an entirely different approach, with a legitimate startup plan and funding,” says Higgs.

QUICK TIP:  “Creating workarounds for people who are not the right fit (regardless of how amazing a person they are outside of the work demands) will not work.”    

Fab Fours embraced quality and timely delivery as its value proposition, and that promise helped it gain traction with customers. “‘Quality, on time’ is still a massive differentiator and continues to open doors,” says Higgs. Another factor in the company’s success has been risk tolerance. “Once a vision has been created, we will move heaven and earth to achieve it, despite unreasonable challenges at every turn,” says Higgs. “Knowing that the bumper we design in February will end up in a magazine ad in May … is a tremendous source of passion.”