ettain group Inc.

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 1996
Industry: Technology

ettain group Inc.

Jeff Harris
Co-founder and CEO


“When I met with my co-founder to discuss the company we were starting, we knew we wanted to create more than just a great staffing company. We wanted to create a great company,” says Jeff Harris, co-founder and CEO of ettain group Inc. To get there, ettain has created a set of values known as APART — attitude, performance, accountability, respect and teamwork. “These core values are the foundation of our business and they guide our hiring and training,” says Harris. He is open to hiring employees at any level of experience, as long as they embrace ettain’s values.

QUICK TIP:  “Culture will eat strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker

Ettain’s growth has been based in part on its ability to respond to the demands of the burgeoning staffing industry. “We have expanded into new geographic markets, increased our service offerings, hired more people and put more contractors to work, all as a direct result of client needs,” says Harris. Ettain’s future growth, Harris believes, will be based on meaningful use of market data and a shared vision for the future. What it won’t be based on is a fixed plan. “I think a five- to 10-year plan is worth about the same as the paper it’s printed on,” says Harris.