Costner Law Office, PLLC

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2009
Industry: Real estate

Costner Law Office, PLLC

Josh Costner
Founder and CEO


Costner Law Office, PLLC focuses on residential, commercial and new construction closings in North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. “We do what we do in this business because it makes people happy,” says Josh Costner, founder and CEO of Costner Law Office. “Knowing at the end of a closing that your clients are leaving happy, starting a new chapter in their lives, and that you had a hand in making their dreams a reality, is very heartwarming.”

QUICK TIP: “Without our foundation of loyal relationships, we wouldn’t survive in this business in the down times.”

Over the years, Costner Law Office has often had to contend with changing regulations. “The fact that we are able to adapt to the constant changes, and adjust our company structure to abide by continuous new rules and regulations, has helped us remain a top contender in our industry,” says Costner. However, staying nimble in the face of these kinds of changes hasn’t always been easy. “Having to adapt ourselves also sometimes means that our clients are affected and made to adapt,” he says. “Educating our clientele on industry changes and regulations has helped us retain business when these sorts of modifications arise.”