Boxman Studios, LLC

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2008
Industry: Manufacturing

Boxman Studios, LLC

David Campbell


When the real estate market went downhill in 2008, David Campbell decided it would be a good idea to use shipping containers as a way to create mobile spaces. With $800, he bought a decommissioned shipping container, and started building Boxman Studios, LLC, a company that modifies containers and purpose-builds structures for commercial use. That includes pop-up retail shops, permanent and semi-permanent restaurants, and more. “If you want to connect with consumers today, you’ve got to think differently than you did just a few years ago,” says Campbell. “You need something that will make you stand out from the crowd.”

QUICK TIP:  “We rely on diversity of thoughts, ideas and skill sets to push us to new limits.”

Boxman Studios’ success relies on its ability to create unique spaces and experiences. “Anyone can walk up to a machine, push a button and wait for the product,” says Campbell. “We don’t do that. Most everything at Boxman Studios is hand-made, hand-crafted and custom-built.” To create that experience, Boxman employs master welders, electricians, carpenters and cabinetmakers. “The opportunity to focus on creativity, while keeping our skills sharp in a non-traditional work environment, is both unique and exhilarating,” says Campbell.