Barton Contracting Corporation

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2010
Industry: Construction

Barton Contracting Corporation

Bart Ward


Barton Contracting Corporation offers pavement services in and around Charlotte, including concrete, asphalt, sealcoating, striping and signage. “Our vision was to establish a site-work company that treated customers, suppliers, employees and the general public with the upmost respect, while providing a quality product at a fair, market-value price,” says president Bart Ward. “Also, to provide a workplace where we had a sense of family and appreciation for one another.”

QUICK TIP:  “Our primary motivators [are] to show customers appreciation, convenience and quality, while building long-term relationships based on more than just business.”  

As is the case with most construction businesses, Barton Contracting’s success hinges greatly on the state of the economy. “The economic rebound and Charlotte’s overall growth, running parallel to the risk we took in buying equipment and hiring employees, made for the perfect opportunity to grow and prosper,” says Ward. Preexisting relationships in the community and successful hires also made a difference in Barton Contracting’s success, he says. Ward’s goal for the next five years is to stabilize the company’s growth, in preparation for the next downturn that is sure to hit the construction industry. “I don’t want to have to cut salaries or people because I grew without a plan,” he says.