Avant Garde Technologies

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Location: Morrisville, NC
Founded: 2012
Industry: Technology

Avant Garde Technologies

André Randle


Avant Garde Technologies is a holding company for Avant Leasing, Professional Mailing Equipment and several other companies. Each company operates independently and reports financial profits and returns to Avant Garde Technologies. “[Our] primary objective is to acquire small companies that offer strategic overlays within the technology arena,” says CEO André Randle. “My vision is simple. I firmly believe in partnering with the business community to align our technology with people and processes to provide a complete solution.”

QUICK TIP:  “Actions are respected more than position.”   

Like any fast-growing business, Avant Garde Technologies has faced operational challenges. “Our organization grew faster than the timeline to institute automation. Manual processes created gaps and detail deficits,” says Randle. “We quickly realized the lack of integration and automation would compromise our goal for superior service and our ability to manage analytics.” As a result, the company called a timeout and instituted a new approach that helped it make more informed decisions.