Alan Simonini Homes LLC

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2010
Industry: Construction

Alan Simonini Homes LLC

John Andrew Tammaro II
President and CEO


Alan Simonini Homes LLC was founded at a time when workmanship and quality standards were at an all-time low, says president and CEO John Andrew Tammaro II. “Our founders became frustrated with the status-quo product and began finding opportunities to make it better. We deliberately focused on improving processes and responding to changing lifestyles.”

QUICK TIP:  “An instant reaction may not always be the best decision. Good business leaders today must have patience to make a good decision.”

Unlike many other companies, Simonini experienced growth as a result of the recent recession. Until that time, finding talented, skilled labor had been a challenge. “The recession helped us catapult forward because it created a business environment where we were able to attract more talented people to our organization,” Tammaro says. “This investment in people has helped us build and sustain a culture of leadership and pride.” Over the next few years, Simonini is hoping to keep growing its profit margins and customer base.