Vicki Hafele

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 1946
Industry: Distribution

Vicki Hafele

Duncan-Parnell Inc.

“The stated mission of Duncan-Parnell Inc. is to grow. My focus over the last 10 years has been to help the company accomplish that mission,” says treasurer Vicki Hafele. “A critical part of that job has been to maintain a healthy cash flow so that the company did not become overburdened with debt. We have many customers in the construction-related industries, so inevitably there are downturns.” To help Duncan-Parnell grow through tougher economic times, Hafele has focused on the basics, including managing the balance sheet to obtain efficient asset use and a shortened cash-conversion cycle.

Quick Tip: “Pursue what you love, work hard, and take risks when they line up with your instincts and expertise.”

In the past four years, Duncan-Parnell has acquired two companies and started a new venture. “I was a key participant in the planning and negotiating of these transactions,” says Hafele. “The two acquisitions are now profitable divisions of Duncan-Parnell.” The new startup began doing business in February 2016, so it’s too early to judge results, says Hafele, but “these have been real accomplishments for our company and are right in line with our stated mission.”

Duncan-Parnell works closely with Habitat for Humanity. “Last year, the company built a home in Charlotte, and this year in Raleigh,” says Hafele. “The company provides both the funding and employees/friends to build the homes and hopes to create a legacy in key communities.” Hafele herself works with nonprofits including YMCA, Lifespan and Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre, which provides funding and oversight for an HIV orphanage and boarding school in Kenya.