Robin Pugh

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2000
Industry: Professional services

Robin Pugh

Queen Associates, Inc.

“From the time I became president of Queen Associates, Inc. in 2011, we have grown our revenue by 2,000 percent,” says Robin Pugh. “This has enabled us to build out a delivery organization that can compete successfully with much larger firms, while holding true to our core values around service excellence and integrity. Our clients have responded quickly and positively to our success story by giving us increased scope of opportunities, and the word has spread rapidly in our marketplace, generating new clients.”

Fun Fact: Pugh teaches a Sunday school class, sings in the choir and plays piano at her church.

Pugh is a firm believer in servant leadership. “In starting a small business, there really is no other way,” she says. “If I’m not willing to jump in and roll up my sleeves, how can I expect my team to be willing to do the same? ‘That’s not my job’ isn’t a phrase that’s part of our vocabulary, and I endeavor to demonstrate that through my actions every day.” To that end, Pugh jumps in to help recruiters, joins the sales team for client visits, digs in on operational issues or even helps wash dishes in the break room. 

Outside her leadership role at Queen Associates, Pugh is engaged with many nonprofits, particularly those dedicated to the military. She supports Charlotte Bridge Home, North Carolina Heroes’ Fund and Operation Homefront “to make sure that we are living out our mission of helping our servicemen and women make successful transitions back into life as a private citizen.”