Rebecca Hardin

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Location: Mooresville, NC
Founded: 2002
Industry: Staffing

Rebecca Hardin

Verigent, LLC

When Rebecca Hardin, controller at Verigent, LLC, entered the workforce, she benefited from several other women’s support and perspectives. “They showed me that it was possible to be strong, smart and respected, while creating close relationships and having fun,” she says. “They both had families and did a good job of balancing work and home life.” As the mother of a six-year old, Hardin says she now sees the importance of that dynamic. 

Quick Tip: “If you want something, you have to focus on it every day and ask yourself: Is this action/decision/plan going to get me closer to my goal?”

Hardin works closely with the owner of Verigent, Kevin Kiernan. “[I] have been included in many of the key strategic decisions that affect the direction of the company,” she says.  “The other pieces of administration that keep a company running also come across my desk, from litigation, contract negotiation, insurance, taxes and vendor relationships to HR and payroll issues.” Verigent has been in fast-growth mode since Hardin joined, which she says has brought some challenges, “but those are the kind you welcome. … No two days are alike, and that suits me just fine.”

In her leadership style, Hardin values openness. “I believe in sharing my thought process and I strive to be consistent,” she says. “I lead by example, and I can say that I have done all the duties in the HR and accounting department, whether at Verigent or in my previous experience, and that gives me a lot of lessons learned that I can share with any level of employee in our group.”