Penny L. Benkeser

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2012
Industry: Restoration/Construction

Penny L. Benkeser
President and Owner

Servpro of Northwest Charlotte, Lincoln and Gaston Counties

In 2011, Penny L. Benkeser was working in the financial services industry, but dreamed of owning her own business. Eventually, Benkeser decided to negotiate an early retirement package and work on making her dream come true. “During the time I was researching companies, we had both a water damage and a mold issue in my home,” she says. “We hired a company like Servpro to remediate that damage and discovered this was a business model worth further investigation. … After my six-month-long due diligence process, all roads led to Servpro and we applied for the purchase of a Charlotte-based franchise.”

Quick Tip: “Work hard to identify those in your sphere who have traveled the path you are on and personify the characteristics and traits you admire. Once you’ve identified those exemplars, seek them out and build a relationship with them.” 

When Benkeser took over the business in May 2012, it was “in a sharp decline, and we were faced with the challenge of turning our company’s reputation around as the new owners with a new approach,” she says. “By the end of 2013, our first full calendar year, we achieved more than four times the volume of any prior year.”

Servpro of Northwest Charlotte, Lincoln and Gaston Counties prides itself on being 100 percent local. “Every job we do is in support of a home or business located in Mecklenburg or the surrounding counties,” says Benkeser.