Naomi Reale

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2011
Industry: Facility services

Naomi Reale
CEO and Owner

Sisco Fire & Safety

In leading Sisco Fire & Safety, CEO and owner Naomi Reale makes it a priority to react nimbly whenever a need crops up that the company can fill. “As soon as I recognize industry deficiencies, I rally my team, get them educated and notify our clients that we are ready to assist,” she says.

Quick Tip: “Business ownership will always throw you curve balls, but when you handle situations with integrity, you can always look at yourself in the mirror.”

Reale makes her team’s ongoing education a top priority, so “we weren’t the slightest bit intimidated when we were asked to not only provide fire and safety services to a nuclear plant, but to do so within the reactor,” says Reale. “Our team completed more than 80 hours of nuclear training and now services nuclear facilities. Our standard of [all safety specialists] being trained and certified in each and every inspection they complete has set the platform for working with highly regulated clients.”

In 2017, Reale will step into a board role with nonprofit GoJenGo, which provides support to women battling breast cancer, and to their families. “I am also on the board of the Charlotte Regional Health & Safety School, and have been for three years,” she says. “This board is focused on creating a conference where facility management and employees can get valuable training and knowledge regarding industry issues and changes.”