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Location: Davidson, NC
Founded: 1996
Industry: Professional services

Karen Swope
Owner, Partner and CEO

CSI Property Management

“CSI was born when a developer friend approached my husband and me and encouraged us to start a community-association management company,” says Karen Swope, owner, partner and CEO of CSI Property Management. “He was impressed with my husband’s financial background and my communication skills. We owned a condo in one of the developments he built and had served on the board. He saw potential in us and asked us to manage his emerging communities. We decided that we could do it better, and we started CSI 20 years ago.”

Quick Tip: “It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Despite being an English major, Swope has led the charge on adopting new technology at CSI. “I researched and found the proprietary software company that we still use for our associations,” she says. “And I taught myself how to use the software so I could train our employees. Even as we have grown, I am still the go-to person to answer questions about the functions of our software.” In 2012, Swope worked with CSI’s IT contractor to move many of the company’s functions to the cloud at a time “when most small businesses didn’t even understand what the cloud was,” she says.

CSI is a sponsor for the Camp Care 5K, which raises money to send children to camp at no cost to their families. “I personally have been involved with Camp Care for 31 years,” says Swope. “I was a founding board member. CSI has been a corporate sponsor for more than 10 years.”