Jill Philmon

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 1996
Industry: Country club

Jill Philmon
General Manager and COO

Ballantyne Country Club

Jill Philmon joined Ballantyne Country Club as general manager and COO in 2010, two years after the beginning of the recent recession. “When I got here, most of the expenses had been cut to the bone … and we were dealing with the beginning of deferred maintenance on the structures that needed attention,” she says. “I decided that we, as a team, needed to focus on increasing revenue versus cutting any further expenses. We began to create programs and events that were new and created a sense of excitement around the club. The revenues started to increase, and from 2010 to our current projections, we have recognized a 24-percent increase in revenue.”

Quick Tip: “Don’t just be successful; be significant and leave a legacy.”

Philmon credits her parents with helping her get where she is today. “If I had parents who didn’t believe in me, … I think it would have been a harder uphill climb,” she says. “Their influence helped me create personal core values, and I find as long as I make major decisions — whether professionally or personally — that match those core values, the end result is success.” Philmon makes it a point to share what she has learned with the next generation as well. “Mentoring is one of the ways I can give back to the industry that has afforded me a wonderful career,” she says.

In February, Philmon was inducted as president of the board of directors of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). “I have been a member of CMAA since 1993, and I have grown profoundly due to this professional organization,” she says.