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Location: Waxhaw, NC
Founded: 2008
Industry: Real estate

Isabel Gonzalez
President and CEO

Century 21 Providence

“Being in real estate for more than 25 years, I have seen just about every market imaginable, but a week does not go by without something surprising me,” says Isabel Gonzalez, president and CEO of Century 21 Providence. “These surprises let me know that I am forever growing and further positioning myself to be a better leader to my agents. My vision is to continue to grow the company, while holding firm to our culture of community and values.”

Quick Tip: “Don’t be embarrassed to work from the ground up. It is important to know every aspect of the business, some of which can only be acquired through experience.”

Gonzalez’ career in real estate is a tribute to her parents, who set an example of serving others and creating a sense of community, she says. “The roles I play within my job all focus on this sense of community being the very essence of human connection. … What others may find challenging is an area where I find pride, as I know that I have been there for people as they process big life-changing stages that often include relocating children or aging parents, and starting fresh after a divorce.” Doing this kind of work can become very personal, Gonzalez says, but she reminds her agents to leave those emotions at work
and be fully present with their own families.

Century 21 Providence supports a number of local charities, including the Isabella Santos Foundation, which raises money for neuroblastoma research, and The Sandbox,
an organization that helps the families of children with life-altering illnesses.