Heather Hanes Thompson

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 1998
Industry: Commercial real estate

Heather Hanes Thompson
Partner and Director of Property Management

Trinity Partners

Heather Hanes Thompson joined Trinity Partners in 2006. During her tenure as partner and director of property management, she has led the company through a period of steady growth, both in terms of revenue and in terms of the amount of real estate Trinity Partners manages. In addition, “we have an exceptionally low turnover level for the amount of employees we continue to add to our team,” says Thompson.

Fun Fact: “My inspiration has [come] from the women in my family — my grandmother, my mother and my sister, who have always been extremely brave and strong women and role models.”

Thompson views her role within Trinity Partners as “very maternal.” “I feel that it’s my [responsibility] to make sure people are doing okay personally as well as professionally, and that their time at work is significant,” she says. “Every day, it’s 10 hours that they spend [here], and so they need to be happy, they need to be productive, they need to be efficient. All of those things are critical for their success and our success.”

Thompson has a large family and spends a lot of time attending her kids’ sports and school events, and she makes sure her employees know they can do the same. “I mentor the people in our firm who are starting their own families,” she says. “It’s my goal to make sure they understand that having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t work anymore when your kid is sick.” Thompson and her team also give back to the community each year, for example by participating in veterans’ benefit drives.