Dr. Holly Clemens

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2012
Industry: Health and wellness

Dr. Holly Clemens
Doctor and Owner

Queen City Health Center

Dr. Holly Clemens, doctor and owner at Queen City Health Center, has been a lifelong advocate for health and wellness. “Ironically, this stems from horrible experiences as a child in the traditional healthcare system,” she says. Clemens was often battling sinus infections and took an array of medications that left her fatigued and congested. “I was determined there had to be a better way to do life and health,” she says. “I devoted myself to learning about health, nutrition and how the body functions physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Quick Tip: “Fall in love with learning and turn your obstacles into opportunities.”

Before becoming a business owner, Clemens was a broke college student “with mountains of student debt,” she says. “When you start, it’s really feast or famine, but I learned from the beginning that it was always people over profits,” says Clemens. “Your people, including your clients, team, partners and support team, are more important than making an extra dollar, even if you are in a time of need.”

At Queen City Health Center and beyond, Clemens devotes her time to mentoring. “I’m grateful for all the mentors who have poured into me, and I love to pass this on to the next generation,” she says. “I keep interns of high school age in the office to instill in them an entrepreneurial background. I speak at local high schools and colleges to inspire them to go after their dreams.” Queen City Health Center donates monthly to three different charities, including JOY Ministries, which provides shelter, food and schooling to refugees.