Carrie C. Howell

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 1986
Industry: Nonprofit

Carrie C. Howell
Executive Director

Hospitality House of Charlotte

“We have families staying with us whose children are undergoing chemo or waiting on an organ transplant, and families who may be waiting to find out the prognosis of their loved one after having a horrific accident,” says Carrie C. Howell, executive director of Hospitality House of Charlotte. “[But] the staff and I have a hard time calling any of our days ‘bad’ when you can walk into our kitchen and talk to someone who is rejoicing that their loved one only lost a limb from a car accident.”

Quick Tip: “Surround yourself with people who know so much more than you.”

The rise of online fundraising, along with the 30th birthday of Hospitality House, led Howell and her team to craft an innovative new campaign in 2015. “We came up with the idea to have 30 executives raise $30,000 in 30 days,” she says. “In our first year, we raised more than $60,000 in 30 days.” The 2016 campaign raised more than $120,000.

In her personal life, Howell is inspired by her parents, who retired young and now spend five days a week volunteering. “They instilled that value in me, and that led to my longing for being part of a nonprofit,” she says. “I leave [work] feeling blessed daily and only wish I could offer as much hope to our guests as they give to me.” Howell is also inspired by her two-year-old son. “Since having him, I want to be a better person, be healthy and active,” she says.