Brenda Harris

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2011
Industry: Healthcare and professional services

Brenda Harris
Director and Owner

BPN Healthcare Concepts

As a minority woman running a small business, Brenda Harris has had a trifecta of challenges to contend with. “I had to beat down doors of several county offices in hopes that someone would hear me,” says Harris, director and owner of BPN Healthcare Concepts. “When I applied for RFIs, they always asked for government experience and I would always come back with ‘How can I get the experience if no one is willing to give us a chance?’ So my persistence, probably annoying, finally got me to a person that would listen and was looking to be a trendsetter.”

Fun Fact: During its fourth year in business, BPN more than doubled its revenue.

Harris’ inspiration for starting BPN goes back to her previous career as a traveling contractor. “I found myself continuously negotiating my pay, negotiating my housing or living arrangements, negotiating my hours or time, and all that negotiating gets frustrating,” she says. “I started the company to reduce the confusion clinicians have when wanting an assignment and the confusion clients have when wanting qualified clinicians.”

Harris is an active member of both professional and community organizations, including the National Association of Women Business Owners.