Brandy Milazzo

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2013
Industry: Law

Brandy Milazzo

Milazzo Schaffer Webb Law, PLLC

Brandy Milazzo, a partner at Milazzo Schaffer Webb Law, PLLC, has drawn inspiration from several strong role models: Her grandfather, who founded a successful homebuilder business. Her grandmother, who was distinguished by her strong work ethic. And, finally, her mother, who was a FedEx courier for 12 years. She worked “for 10 to 12 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide for her family, and allowed me to have the opportunities to get where I am today,” says Milazzo.

Quick Tip: “Listen to and learn from everyone you meet. Everyone has something to teach you.”

At Milazzo Schaffer Webb, Milazzo is considered the “marketing guru.” “I enjoy getting the firm out in the community,” she says. Milazzo encourages her team to be involved, “while also giving our employees the autonomy to execute work and community involvement in a way that they enjoy.”

Given Milazzo Schaffer Webb’s unusual model, which aims to combine large-firm service with small-firm client relationships, attracting the right talent has been a challenge. “Attracting great technical attorneys who fit in with our new culture and financial model was a challenge we had to overcome,” she says. “It allowed me to grow as a leader, because it made me more introspective and helped us make the necessary changes to our model.”