Bethany Khashman

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2000
Industry: Technology and healthcare

Bethany Khashman
Director of Marketing


“I strive to demonstrate leadership on a daily basis by showing passion and motivation in all I do, whether that means taking the initiative to organize an outing with co-workers or offering to lead a discussion on a new Imagine program,” says Bethany Khashman, director of marketing at ImagineSoftware. “I also try to expand my own personal experiences and leadership skills through ongoing education. I feel that by taking the time to seek out different methods or advice that other leaders have shared, I will be able to better showcase my commitment to being a leader in all the aspects of my own life.”

Quick Tip: “You are not meant to fit in. You are meant to stand out.”

Imagine’s rapid growth has prompted “each member of our team, including myself, to step out of their comfort zone, to continue moving and reacting to situations while keeping the momentum going,” says Khashman. “With extreme growth come many changes, and change is something that tends to be looked at with caution or skepticism. Adapting to and embracing these changes has helped push me to be a better leader in many ways.”

ImagineGives, the company’s internal charitable program, encourages Imagine employees to support their community with a different project each quarter. “I have had the honor of participating in many ImagineGives outreach opportunities throughout my 10 years with the company,” says Khashman. In addition, she is heavily involved in Drive Inc., a nonprofit founded through Imagine and launched in 2013. The organization teaches technology skills to foster a new generation of entrepreneurs through on-site school programs and summer coding camps.