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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 1960
Industry: Education

Ann Clark

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is a consolidated city-county public school district serving more than 146,000 students in Mecklenburg County. “I have worked for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for more than three decades,” says superintendent Ann Clark. “I began as a teacher, then became a principal and ultimately a central-office administrator and superintendent. In all of these roles, my work has been focused on ensuring that students can learn, grow and graduate ready for whatever comes next.”

Fun Fact: “I have worked in my capacity as superintendent to put a laser-like focus on literacy, because I believe literacy skills are critical to a child’s success in school.”

In her role, Clark is responsible for student success and culture at each of the district’s 168 schools. “In addition to my role inside our district, I also have a substantial responsibility to students’ families and the public at large,” she says. “In Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the superintendent is the face of the district for the public. I may not drive a bus or prepare a lunch or lead a classroom in my current role — although during my career I have done all of these things — but I am ultimately responsible for the performance of those who do.”

Each week, Clark mentors a student in reading. “Since I have asked our employees and the community to mentor and tutor a student, I do it too,” she says. Over her years as an educator and administrator, Clark has seen many of her former students blossom. One student she mentored is now a teacher in Clark’s district, and another works as a counselor.