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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Software


Nikos Moraitakis


Although companies with fewer than 100 employees account for 70 percent of hiring in the U.S., most recruiting-software vendors chase the enterprise market. Workable, on the other hand, creates recruiting tools geared specifically toward smaller companies. “We’re democratizing hiring by giving tools that are just as good as their enterprise counterparts, but more affordable and easier to use,” says CEO Nikos Moraitakis. Workable’s software is self-service, and can be used by clients who have little software experience. “Making something that is pleasant and easy and simple to use entices [customers] and educates them about how to do this without a lot of overhead,” says Moraitakis.

Quick Tip “There’s no single path to being a great leader. Usually we can recognize it only from the outcome.”

With significant growth under Workable’s belt, and more planned, Moraitakis is focused on making sure the company’s operations can keep up. “The biggest challenge for all companies that suddenly hit the product/market fit and grow really fast, is that usually, you don’t get to choose the pace at which things move,” he says. “People need to basically reinvent themselves and become better every year … so that they don’t get left behind.” As far as Workable’s future is concerned, Moraitakis has an ambitious goal: “We want to be the recruiting platform for all small businesses.”