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Location: Mansfield, MA
Founded: 1998
Industry: Marketing


Laurence Rubin
Founder and President


Swipeit.com got its start as an off-campus meal plan, serving college students in the Greater Boston area. These humble beginnings gave then-23-year-old Laurence Rubin the chance to gain knowledge about gift card processing. Today, Swipeit provides custom programs for small- to mid-sized merchants, helping them start and successfully run gift and customer-loyalty programs. But, says Rubin, having a great program is only half the battle. The other half is getting the message out. Through its independent sales organization program, Swipeit partners with organizations like credit card companies and graphic designers, who actively sell Swipeit’s solutions.

Quick Tip “Know how to listen, be able to take criticism and learn to delegate.”

Running a business as a recent college graduate hasn’t always been easy, says Rubin, but it has been enlightening. “My MBA program consisted of long hours at the office and learning on the fly. Many mistakes were made, but I hope that with every mistake I made, I learned something new,” he says. One lesson learned was that it’s OK to ask for help and advice. So what’s next for Swipeit? Rubin says it’s hard to say, because new technological advances continue to change the landscape of the industry. If and when the next leap forward happens, Rubin says Swipeit will be ready to change with the times, just as it has done before.