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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 1982
Industry: Construction

Shawmut Design and Construction

Les Hiscoe


As an employee-owned company, Shawmut Design and Construction has created a culture of individual ownership and innovative thinking. “From day one, we have always considered ourselves to be a client-service firm that happens to do construction. That kind of thinking has allowed us to grow rapidly without losing our identity,” says CEO Les Hiscoe. “We are a billion-dollar-plus company, but, because of our customer-service model, we feel like a much smaller, more nimble contractor.” As an example, Hiscoe cites the way Shawmut staffs its national project teams. “If a project executive is working with a client in, say, New York, and that client wants to open a store in LA, we make sure our project executive goes along, too.”

Quick Tip “Clients love that we work wherever they need us.”

Each of Shawmut’s project teams operates and acts like an individual business. “Because our project executives handle one or two clients at a time, it feels like a small business owner running a small segment,” says Hiscoe. “We want the customer to feel the personal attention of a small company, but with absolute confidence that they have the resources of a large company at their disposal.” For Shawmut’s future, Hiscoe has established three major strategic priorities: “Deliver client service excellence, build a world-class talent organization, and become a leading-edge company around innovation and technology. All three will help guide everything we do and serve as a roadmap to help us accomplish our goals.”