Romulus Capital

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Location: Cambridge, MA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Venture capital

Romulus Capital

Krishna K. Gupta
Managing Partner


Romulus Capital prefers “building — rather than betting on — the next big technology- and science-enabled companies,” says managing partner Krishna K. Gupta. When the company was founded, “entrepreneurs had a very hard time raising capital and having institutional support between the angel and venture rounds, especially as venture firms became larger and adopted a more spray-and-pray approach.” Romulus’ mission is to support founders all the way, as they build their startups into industry leaders. The firm works with entrepreneurs to build strong teams, win major customers, iterate on product and think strategically about building a strong foundation.

Quick Tip “It’s easy to be complacent when you start growing, but it’s important as an entrepreneur to always look ahead a few moves and continually readjust the target.”

“We’ve invested meaningful time in building these relationships around the world, and it’s already paid dividends — much of our capital comes from these relationships, and our best portfolio-company CEOs respect us deeply,” says Gupta. In addition to a focus on relationship building, Romulus attributes much of its growth to an ambitious vision. Gupta says the company’s typical path would have been to raise $10 million in its second fund, but the company shot for $50 million instead. “It was ambitious, people discouraged us, but we ended up getting it done,” says Gupta.