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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 2000
Industry: Technology


Corey Thomas
President and CEO


In 2000, Rapid7’s founders saw that the technology industry lacked solutions for comprehensive security assessments that would enable companies to act effectively in the face of a cybersecurity breach. What’s more, there was no single solution that could identify vulnerabilities across the entire IT environment. Enter Rapid7, which was named after the rapid transit system the founders rode during the company’s early stage. Today, Rapid7 delivers security data and analytics, using them against would-be attackers. While most cybersecurity companies rely on a prevention-centric strategy, Rapid7 adopted a more active approach that focuses on rapid detection. This strategy has won over more than 5,100 companies in 99 countries.

Quick Tip “Possess a positive attitude, always be eager to learn and improve, and embrace teamwork.”

Though Rapid7 has benefited from the increased risk of cybersecurity breaches, and the rapidly evolving threat landscape, much of its growth has come as a result of its culture. “The Rapid7 leadership team demonstrates that through disciplined risk taking and a culture of teamwork, innovation at scale is in fact possible,” says president and CEO Corey Thomas. By encouraging innovation and providing a solid foundation to support it, Rapid7 has been able to maintain a healthy workplace environment even through rapid growth, he says.