Raizlabs Corporation

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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 2003
Industry: Technology

Raizlabs Corporation

Gregory Raiz
CEO and Owner


Raizlabs Corporation develops software and mobile applications for established companies as well as growing startups. The company has built more than 100 mobile products across the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. As part of its mission, Raizlabs seeks out opportunities to be impactful through its work. “Our vision is centered on the idea that the world doesn’t need more software; it needs better software,” says Gregory Raiz, CEO and owner of Raizlabs. So how does a company go about building better software? “[It] means thinking through quality, excellence, design and usability,” he says.

Quick Tip “A leader steers the ship. You need to have a direction, and you need to make constantly sure that the team is on board with helping you get there.”

“We put a lot of emphasis on quality, and that has helped us get a very solid reputation both in New England and nationally,” says Raiz. Another important growth factor has been Raizlabs’ ability to move quickly and help clients take advantage of new technologies. “We had products first to market to take advantage of iPhone, Android, Bluetooth, mobile video, iPad and more. Keeping on the edge of new technology and keeping the quality bar high has been central to helping us grow,” he says. “Companies have to be open to changing how they do things, and willing to reinvent themselves on a regular basis.”