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Location: Lexington, MA
Founded: 1995
Industry: Healthcare


Doug Lucente, Esq.


CEO Doug Lucente, Esq.’s vision is to make PROMEDICAL the most efficient healthcare revenue cycle management company in the U.S. “We envision becoming the preferred partner for specialized billing for all hospitals,” he says. In addition, Lucente hopes to revolutionize third-party liability in workers’ compensation and motor-vehicle accident billing. “What we faced as a small company was to either change and grow or die,” he says. “To be successful, we must constantly expand our capacity to stay in the industry and keep our ventures thriving.”

Quick Tip “In running a business, we need all of our employees to be engaged in the success of our company. Allowing quick detection of problems saves lots of time and wasted energy.”

At the same time, during periods of fast growth, it has been important for PROMEDICAL to keep a specific end game in mind. “A great lesson I have learned is that you need to have clear goals in order to achieve them. Just sailing along in business doesn’t get you anywhere,” says Lucente. To further its growth goals, PROMEDICAL has created a proprietary healthcare billing system, but it has also developed a consistent strategy to drive operational efficiency. “We maximize the skills of our most important assets — our employees — by allowing them more time to work with our customers, and less time dealing with mundane tasks,” Lucente says.