New England Confectionery Company

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Location: Revere, MA
Founded: 1847
Industry: Confection

New England Confectionery Company

Mike McGee
President and CEO


New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) is in the process of a three-year turnaround that aims to take the company back to its “Corner Candy Shoppe” roots. In the last year, NECCO has brought in a new management team (including president and CEO Mike McGee), transformed the culture, established relationships with key national customers and accelerated business performance. NECCO did all this in service of one sweet, delicious goal: “To manufacture great candy products that make people smile, so that when they share them, they make friends, and that through making them, we make communities and help our employees build lives.” McGee says the company’s focus on rebuilding a great NECCO has reignited employees’ passion for creating the company’s classic treats, such as NECCO Wafers and Clark Bars.

Quick Tip “We can do anything, but we can’t do everything — at least not all at once.”

When McGee became CEO in September 2014, he immediately recognized the lack of active team meetings and the fact that workers functioned in silos. Because NECCO lacked an idea pipeline, customers were often disappointed as well. Under its new leadership, the company adopted a cross-functional structure, and rebuilt its seasonal product portfolio. Though change can often result in angst, McGee reports that this has not been the case for NECCO. In fact, McGee’s team has rallied behind every new initiative, all while continuing to maintain NECCO’s facility, where almost everything, from its chocolate to its peanut butter, is made.