MD Connect, Inc.

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Location: Wellesley, MA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Marketing and advertising

MD Connect, Inc.

Dan Stempel
President and CEO


“More and more patients are breaking out of the traditional physician referral paradigm and taking direct control of their healthcare decisions,” says Dan Stempel, president and CEO of MD Connect, Inc. “Accessing these patients requires a focused digital healthcare agency that understands the journey most patients make from symptoms to diagnoses to the ultimate pursuit of treatment.” That’s where MD Connect comes in: a digital marketing agency that provides patient-focused lead generation to physicians, hospitals and other sectors of the healthcare system.

Quick Tip “We operate with a high level of financial transparency, assigning most employees to a specific business segment and then monitoring profit performance on a monthly basis.”

One area where MD Connect sees great potential: clinical trials. Stempel says 80 percent of internet users seek healthcare information online, while 89 percent of clinical trials do not use digital marketing. “We’ve proven that digital marketing can be a critical component in the solution, … and with 71,000 U.S. clinical trials … there is plenty of opportunity,” he says. At the same time, MD Connect must make sure the right audience hears its clients’ messages. Rather than adding more noise to the conversation through cold calling and direct mail, MD Connect has focused its efforts on inbound marketing.