Magellan Jets

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Location: Quincy, MA
Founded: 2007
Industry: Private aviation

Magellan Jets

Joshua Hebert
Founder and CEO

Anthony Tivnan


When Magellan Jets founder and CEO Joshua Hebert left Wall Street and took on the private aviation industry, he saw a business that was too “cookie-cutter and mainstream,” and decided that Magellan would be the opposite. He merged his business savvy with president Anthony Tivnan’s experience as a mover and shaker in the business and aviation world, and together, they created a business that gives Boston’s elite “everything they need and nothing they don’t, at the click of a mouse.”  The company also prides itself on its tailored experience, which includes knowing everything about a client, from their favorite  aircraft to how many ice cubes they take in their scotch.

Quick Tip “A good leader is defined by the people he or she employs.”

As part of the often-turbulent travel trade, Magellan Jets has experienced its fair share of rough air, but it always finds a way to right its course. Hebert says the market is subject to the ebb and flow of private travel trends, as well as constant changes and regulations. “To a degree, it’s a challenge. But we embrace those quirks as opportunities to shake things up,” he says. By keeping a focused eye on changing insurance policies, trends and the political climate, Magellan is able to anticipate its clients’ needs, and adapt. Going forward, Hebert and Tivnan plan to build on and improve the company’s card membership program.