Liss Law, LLC

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Location: Brookline, MA
Founded: 2009
Industry: Real estate

Liss Law, LLC

Avi Liss
Principal Attorney


Avi Liss, principal attorney at Liss Law, LLC, says the firm’s formula for success is not rocket science. In fact, it’s quite simple: “Just do what is supposed to be done within the time frames provided.” For Liss, it all comes back to execution, which he considers a key growth factor for Liss Law. “We continue to do the things that should be done, but are often omitted by complacent attorneys,” he says. In fact, the firm doesn’t conform to the traditional nine-to-five operating hours. “We understand that life does not start and stop around those hours. We are available early, late and, most importantly, often,” says Liss.

Quick Tip “You can bring in all the clients in the world, but if you cannot execute, it is all worthless.”

Liss Law specializes in all facets of real estate, and has benefited from significant growth in that market in recent years. Through the firm’s growth, Liss has dealt with challenges that have taught him how to lead an even stronger practice. “Understanding the delicate balance between smart spending and just spending has been a huge key. While our volume continued to grow, it was very hard to determine if we should add more attorneys or paralegals, or both, or none,” says Liss. Ultimately, he learned one important lesson: “In order to grow, you must in fact grow.” In addition to its existing residential services, Liss Law has also begun an expansion into commercial real estate.