Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

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Location: Waltham, MA
Founded: 1996
Industry: Professional services

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

Rory J. Cowan
Chairman and CEO


Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. provides translation and localization solutions for software, apps, product documentation, marketing materials, training content and websites. “Our mission at Lionbridge has always been to facilitate multilingual translation to connect our clients with the largest audience possible,” says Rory J. Cowan, chairman and CEO. “We provide international companies with the language, cultural and technological expertise needed to communicate globally and maintain the spirit of their brand voice.”

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The company’s newest venture, Lionbridge onDemand, was launched last year. OnDemand is a web portal that enables users across global organizations to quote, upload and complete a wide variety of translation jobs without additional administrative, sales or technical support. “The advent of onDemand has led to growth in employee numbers in Waltham, as well as Mumbai, Warsaw and China,” says Cowan. In addition, Lionbridge recently introduced a 12-hour text file translation turnaround time to help clients meet tight deadlines. As Lionbridge has grown, it has made several high-profile acquisitions, which have allowed it to broaden its service offerings, grow its employee base and expand its geographic reach.