Key Credit Repair

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Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Financial services

Key Credit Repair 

Nikitas Tsoukalis
Founder and CEO


The founding vision of Key Credit Repair is to show consumers that they can have a credit comeback. “The trauma associated with credit and financial issues has caused millions of Americans to sit on the sidelines and not participate in building wealth,” says Nikitas Tsoukalis. “The credit crunch has caused many Americans who are very capable to miss out on opportunities to purchase homes, invest in new small businesses, to rent homes in safer, more desirable neighborhoods, and to find employment. This has stunted the growth of our economy.” Tsoukalis wants to provide consumers with the tools they need to participate in the credit system again.

Quick Tip “To become a truly great leader, you need to be absolutely obsessed with the success of your clients and employees.”

Key Credit Repair has a strict hiring policy. “Everyone has to understand the mission we are on, and they need to be willing to go as far as humanly possible to make sure that mission is accomplished,” says Tsoukalis. “There is no deviating from that, and every person on our team understands it. We do not accept mediocrity from anyone.” Along the way, Tsoukalis has had to transition from being a salesperson to a trainer of salespeople. “You need to learn how to teach, train, coach and inspire others to replicate what you have already accomplished. Then, you need to teach others how to do the same as your organization grows,” he says.