JP Fuji Group

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Location: Quincy, MA
Founded: 1998
Industry: Restaurant/Hospitality

JP Fuji Group

Jimmy Liang
Founder, CEO and Chef


JP Fuji Group owns and operates nine restaurants in the greater Boston area, specializing in Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine. “When I was 14, I began my training as a traditional Japanese chef.  At 19, I opened my first restaurant, which was also the first Japanese restaurant in Quincy,” says Jimmy Liang, founder, CEO and chef at JP Fuji Group. “Today, my business has one mission: ‘Leave a place a little better than when you first found it.’ My grandmother taught me that important life lesson.”

Quick Tip “Always trust your instincts.”

Liang gives back to his nearly 200 employees in various ways, including in-house English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes that he hopes will help them establish a better life for themselves in the U.S. At the same time, Liang has high expectations for his employees. “Everyone who works for JP Fuji Group is expected to work hard and consistently perform at a very high level,” he says. “I create motivation for everyone through a combination of competitive wages, opportunity for advancement, and a healthy working environment.” That environment doesn’t end with the employee, he notes, which is why he allows employees to pick up their children from school. JP Fuji Group trains all sushi chefs in-house, which usually takes an average of five to 10 years per chef.