iuvo Technologies

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Location: Westford, MA
Founded: 2007
Industry: Professional services

iuvo Technologies

Bryon Beilman
President and CEO


Iuvo Technologies was founded by two people, Bryon Beilman and Jeff Ouellette, both with complementary skills in business and technology. “We had both worked with or used a variety of IT consulting companies during our various careers, and were shocked at the number of companies who provided low value for high cost, bad solutions or terrible service,” says Beilman, president and CEO of iuvo. “We knew we could do better.” That involved implementing a rigorous hiring process to find self-motivated employees with above-average skills in technology, communication and customer service, he says.

Quick Tip “Being a leader is not having the answer, but working to get the best ideas and work out of those around you.”

At the same time, in a competitive job market, hiring has been a challenge for iuvo — especially because it looks for people who can build a complex IT solution, but also help out the receptionist. “Technical ability is not often married with someone who has customer-facing polish,” says Beilman. Iuvo is addressing this challenge by examining everything with a view to whether it can scale without adding to the head count. “In parallel, we have learned that culture is to hiring as marketing is to sales,” says Beilman. “We work to expose and market our corporate culture to our hiring demographic, so that they will want to join other A players and work in a great company.”