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Location: Lexington, MA
Founded: 1999
Industry: Technology


Tim Kreytak


Ironside uses data to help businesses establish a strategic vision. “We started as a small firm, but we’ve always had big ideas,” says CEO Tim Kreytak. “What drives us, then and now, is opening the eyes of others to those ideas, and helping them push the boundaries of the possible.” Kreytak’s plan is to make Ironside the go-to advisory organization for all aspects of business analytics. That has involved diversifying the company’s technical competencies, crafting widely applicable solutions and building strong relationships with business partners. “We’re well positioned to take the market by storm,” he says.

Quick Tip “What I’ve learned about maintaining communication … is that it requires careful planning and commitment to being open about any events that occur, whether positive or negative.”

As Ironside has added more people and more layers of leadership, it has become more challenging to keep everyone in the loop on the company’s latest developments and priorities. “One of my top concerns is always making sure that Ironside employees feel their company’s leadership is transparent and approachable, and at times, it’s been a struggle,” says Kreytak. To enhance transparency, Ironside now hosts regular town hall meetings to go over how goals are progressing, and to give the team a chance to bring up questions and concerns. “I’ve also gone to greater lengths to ensure that everyone knows my door is always open,” says Kreytak.