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Location: Wellesley, MA
Founded: 2009
Industry: Marketing and technology


Ann Raider
President and CEO


“We saw a void in the market for a cost-effective marketing platform to enable retailers to deliver personalized, targeted offers to their customers,” says Ann Raider, president and CEO of inStream. “The inStream vision was to build an innovative technology platform and marketing program that would seamlessly integrate with retailer point-of-sale systems to gather customer purchase, affinity and loyalty data.” Based on that data and a predetermined set of rules, customers receive customized ads on the front of their receipts. This ad space has created a new revenue stream for inStream’s retail partners.

Quick Tip “The key to a great leader is to have a clear vision for the growth of the company and to share that with everyone on the team.”

However, inStream doesn’t just place ads on receipts. “We deliver targeted ads anywhere the point of purchase occurs — in-store, ecommerce or m-commerce,” says Raider. That includes ad placement within an interactive digital receipt, on mobile apps and on social pages. To date, inStream has built a retail network of more than 38,000 locations nationwide, and delivered more than 18 billion targeted impressions. Going forward, inStream plans to keep expanding its retailer network into grocery, convenience stores and fast food. “We are also branching out farther in the specialty channel, looking to add clothing, hardware and ecommerce retailers to our network,” says Raider. “Over the next five years, our goal is to build out an ecosystem to track and influence consumer purchases along their path to purchase.”