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Location: Waltham, MA
Founded: 2007
Industry: Media/PR


Beth Monaghan
Co-founder and CEO


InkHouse is a public relations and content agency for the digital age. “I was lucky to come into PR during the internet bubble, when technology became sexy, and it still is,” says Beth Monaghan, co-founder and CEO of InkHouse. “I love being on the threshold of what’s next: how companies grow and pivot, how we’ll solve the economic problems of a knowledge economy that requires fewer workers and less capital, how the workplace will change when millennials become the majority in 2025, and how my blender might one day understand my preferences.”

Quick Tip “We’ve successfully navigated a few aggressive growth cycles, but we’ve always kept our eyes on the big picture.”

Having grown 41.3 percent in 2015, InkHouse likes to work with other fast-growth companies. “We know it takes one to know one. … We understand the pace and intensity of a fast-growing business — and match it,” says Monaghan. In less than eight years, InkHouse has gone from three employees serving fewer than 10 clients, to nearly 85 employees serving more than 75 clients on two coasts. “Despite the growth, all InkHouse executives’ doors are always open. In fact, we always make ourselves available for client meetings, internal brainstorms, or just some good old wine and cheese at our office happy hours,” says Monaghan. InkHouse also makes employees happy in other ways, with unlimited vacation time and a no-email rule between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.