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Location: Canton, MA
Founded: 1905
Industry: Transportation

Humboldt Storage & Moving

Howard Jay Goldman


“Whether you’re moving up the street or across the globe, relocating a biotech lab or employees to the new office, or transferring the world’s most expensive painting between galleries, … moving is stressful,” says Howard Jay Goldman, CEO of Humboldt Storage & Moving. “Harris Goldman understood this when he founded Humboldt over a century ago.” Harris Goldman used a horse and cart to move ice through Boston’s South End, but would also help locals who needed to move house during long New England winters. Humboldt has evolved considerably from those humble beginnings, but has held on to the original idea of making moving easier.

Quick Tip “Great leadership is underrated. Too many companies function without a compelling vision, which then disassociates the team.”

One of the biggest challenges facing the transportation industry today is a driver shortage. “Humboldt has been fortunate to buck this trend and continue to add to our interstate hauling fleet,” says Howard Jay Goldman. “The key to this success lies in the foundation of the Humboldt family. Our drivers are viewed as partners in our business — vital to the success of each move, and critical in executing on our brand.” Humboldt has invested in a driver’s lounge, which serves as a home away from home for drivers, including many who are not on the company’s payroll. “Although a seemingly small gesture, this has sent a strong message to our team and potential team members alike, that Humboldt respects and values frontline employees,” says Goldman.