HR Knowledge, Inc.

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Location: Mansfield, MA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Professional services

HR Knowledge, Inc.

Jeffrey C. Garr
Founder and CEO


Jeffrey C. Garr had spent more than 16 years working in various businesses prior to starting HR Knowledge, Inc. His experience convinced him that “too many companies were sacrificing service and support to clients for the benefit of more profit,” he says. Garr designed HR Knowledge to fill the gap left by these companies. HR Knowledge offers integrated HR, payroll and benefits services, providing a single solution for an area that is often something of a patchwork at smaller companies. “Most companies had a payroll person in-house, an HR consultant outsourced, an attorney, a couple of benefit brokers, and likely 10 or more people or vendors supporting these functions,” Garr notes.  “HR Knowledge filled all these functions.”

Quick Tip “It is easy to do the right thing when people are looking. … We always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.” 

The regulatory and compliance climate has been a major factor in HR Knowledge’s success. “Business owners and managers are being tested and challenged every day, in so many ways,” says Garr. “The [Affordable Care Act] alone contributes to so many requirements for business.” In addition, HR Knowledge helps businesses comply with new sick-time laws in Massachusetts, and wage and hour regulations. While the company has grown from about 17 employees to nearly 50 in the past four years, it has sometimes faced challenges in scaling its operations. But today, HR Knowledge is poised for a new wave of growth, with plans to expand into the field of HR outsourcing software.