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Location: Quincy, MA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Telecommunications


Rob Hale


Granite was founded to provide customers with a competitive alternative to the telecommunications services provided by the incumbent local exchange carriers. Soon after the company’s inception, Granite was asked by a large retail customer for a solution that could help it better manage its services — and its invoices — across all of its locations nationwide. “We knew we could do something that no other telecom provider could: provide voice and data services and a flexible billing structure to multi-site businesses with locations across the country,” says CEO Rob Hale. “That’s when today’s Granite was born.”

Quick Tip “Titles and roles may vary, but leadership is cultivated from within through encouragement and validation that every team member brings something very important to the table.”

The majority of the enterprises Granite serves are 24/7/365 organizations that need reliable access to systems. Granite offers a single-point-of-contact account representative for each customer, supplemented by help-desk representatives available around the clock. Moreover, “Granite’s customers never deal with automated menus, but always with a live person located at our Massachusetts headquarters,” says Hale. For its advanced communications solutions, Granite’s network operations center monitors customer networks constantly. “Our unsurpassed customer service distinguishes us from competitors,” says Hale.